Appeal to divorced women

Find divorced women; they are your hope. They know what the losers did to them but you obviously are not one of them because you are fighting for your children. It will open their eyes, because they have never experienced a nurturing father for their children, and, they will keep you sane because emotionally they will relate to your struggle for your children.

However, we all have had to adjust to the fact that we are second class citizens. This will not change and your explosive anger will simply backfire for you in regards to your kids. Don’t give the other party the satisfaction of twisting you so much and be there for your kids. They need you and their needs are greater. They are kids; you are the adult.

Look out for yourself as best you can with friends, religious groups, family, anything and everyone who will give to you: take it. You need it now more than ever. You have to be well for your children. You are at war and be sure to rest well, eat well, and find support to go back and do battle.

There is also a contrary opinion:

What side are you on?