Re: Appeal to divorced women

Personally I take exception to the statement that “we all have had to adjust to the fact that we are second class citizens.” That’s your self-perception, and terribly self-defeating. Any series of battles is already lost with that sort of mentality.

And why partner with the battle scars of divorced women? They generally have very heavy emotional baggage. Go with young single women, they have less ugly histories you have to listen to. More fun, too, because they have not been disillusioned.

Odds on your remarriage favors that young girl. With a divorced woman there’s a 65% chance of a second failure (and court hearings). Plus if she has kids, guess who will be her favorites?

It really bothered me when I went out with a divorced mom. When her ex realized that I spent more fathering time with his kids, the dude went ballistic! Worst part, I completely understood him because it mirrored a similar situation with my kids.

Yeah, get away from all that guilt. Stay away from losing propositions, cut all your losses short, and start fresh. A dad who is alive and happy is the best first-class example for the children.