Divorce, 25 year study

I’m curious as to what, if any, solution was offered for the problems. Obviously greater honest communication between the parents is necessary, but when emotions are so deeply involved – or the adults believe their emotions are involved – it’s difficult to have any type of communication and honest is a word most humans have a difficult time facing or admitting to themselves, let alone be strong enough to be honest with themselves enough to help their children.

One honest solution is to stop having children without thinking it through. With today’s preventative medicine, there is no possible reason, other than rape, for a woman to become pregnant.

But I also have to wonder if a study had been done on married couples and their children over the same time frame – we know now that a great many women remained married simply because there was no alternative in their minds for them and their children. We know – from honest people – that most couples were not happily married and just what type of effect did that have on the children who watched their mothers – mostly – take Valium and alcohol just to escape the unhappy marriage.

People have some misguided belief that there were “good old days” in the past – but the truth is the days simply weren’t communicated as to how bad they were.