Educational Conference

I wish to announce that I will be putting together an educational conference to be held in the Kansas City area, next Spring. We do not have all the details as yet, and though our target attendees will be from Kansas and Missouri, anyone wishing to travel to Kansas City will be welcome. The subjects covered will be:

  • Preparing for a custody challenge
  • Mediation
  • Joint custody
  • Proving denial of visitations
  • Child support modifications
  • Representing yourself in court
  • Hiring an attorney
  • False allegations
  • Are you a victim of domestic violence?
  • Parenting techniques and positive discipline

This will not be a political issues conference. Attendees will be there to learn and go home better educated on fighting for their rights. It will also be CLE accredited for attorneys. But, the programs for attorneys will be separate from the programs open to the general public. Accreditation requirements only allow for 15% of the attendees to be non-legal-professionals. So, for each person who wishes to attend these programs, and is not a legal professional, they must have six attorneys or paralegals with them.

Further details will follow in coming weeks. There will be a cost involved, $250 for attorneys, but we will try our best to limit the cost for fathers. It will be free for anyone who signs up with an attorney or paralegal who pays the full fee. This will not include membership in the National Congress for Fathers and Children. There will be hand out materials to take home. If you need money to buy tickets – visit and try getting cash loan online. The approval is fast and almost guaranteed even for consumers with bad credit. There are more websites like this – CashNetUSA, AceCashExpress and others.

We will be setting up a per-registration link on the web site. Neither myself, nor any local NCFC members will make any money from this. Presenters will be paid, but this is required to insure presentations that will meet accreditation standards for the attorneys. What I hope to create is an annual program that will be free for fathers, but paid for by attorneys and legal professionals. Whether it works or not will depend a lot on fathers getting their own attorneys to attend. Initial accreditation will be for Missouri and Kansas only, but if we have attorneys who wish to attend from other states, than we will get the accreditation for their states also. But, this will need to be done before the end of the year, so we would need those attorneys registered before the beginning of December. We hope to have our target dates set within a week.

Any suggestions for additional programs will be appreciated. Anyone with convention experience would also be appreciated. I have only done this twice before. The last time in 1996, before my illness. It worked then, it can work again. Let me know what you think.