Fantastic message!

divorced coupleI couldn’t have said it better. I am with a divorced woman now who is continually amazed at how well her kids and I get along. The strength and support I draw from this family, and the leadership and love I bring to it, make us all stronger and more able.

I literally can not imagine doing this, fighting this war (and it IS a war, you got it exactly right, tsih.rm) without the base-camp of support and love that I have now.

Divorced women DO understand, and they DO recognize how good or bad a man can be by how he treats his own children and his ex-wife. Further, I think it gentles divorced women to see how we suffer from the things our ex-wives do to us…makes the divorced women we know and love more compassionate to their own ex’s.

Your post is so right on, tsih…I’m printing this one off for a keeper.