Some people haven’t been listening

hostilityObviously, some people haven’t been listening to the outcries of the numerous fathers who have been abused by the government, police, and the Child Enforcement Agencies who have been harassing us for years.

If the negotiators were so concerned about the hostility of parents, why aren’t they questioning the authority of these people who give the orders.

I have been forced to pay 50% of my paycheck for the last eight years, and I barely make ends meet. They want to know what hostility is, brother, I have been suppressing it for years.

Now, the so-called Attorney Generals Orifice is up to it’s old tricks of dragging me back into court for non-payment of child support, even though I pay 50% of my paycheck. Their only reason for doing this is because I can always be found, because I always do what I’m told.

I served my country, and I am a VETERAN, so why am I being treated like a criminal.

They really want to know where the hostility is coming from, it’s coming from them, not us….

Sorry for going on, but wondering why were a little ticked off is just a slap in the face to all of us who know what is going on.