Why does the media promote the idea

Why does the media promote the idea that abused children are mostly abused by the father, when studies like “Murder in the Family” by the US Justice Dept. shows that mothers abuse the children six times more often? Even when custody arrangements are taken into consideration.

In 55% of fatal child abuse cases, the mother killed the child, compared to 8% for fathers, yet most news reports are about a father killing his children. And in this regard, feminists often say that those who commit domestic violence also abuse the children.

Thus, the children must be placed in shelters with the mothers. If that is the case, you would assume that women who commit the vast majority child abuse, also commits the vast majority of domestic violence. And these shelters are forcing children to be with their abusers. Case in point, a KCMO mother got the father of her triplets removed from the home using a “Fear of Domestic Violence” restraining order.

Two of those three boys are now dead from torture and starvation. The third is severe maimed. Because of the restraining order, the father had no contact with the children. She owned them, as was her right under the Violence Against Women Act, and she exercised her right to do with them as she saw fit.